Bring on the Science to Public vibes: Getting interviewed about my work

I live for the adrenaline. I always have. As you can imagine, in between the bore-out and burn-out that is continuous Covid lockdown, adrenaline rushes are hard to come by. But not this weekend! This weekend I was lucky to get interviewed about my work. Imagine that. I never would have thought this would happen for me this year.

Me and all those cameras!

The interview itself was, well, cut up into a lot of takes 😉 We had quite a few prep sessions, so I was really comfortable with the whole team, parts of which I had also already known before.

I’m usually one to handle talks pretty well but I have to admit that speaking into the camera and repeating some sentences up to 8 times was a little more exciting than I had initially expected. But exciting in a good way, especially as nowadays, it’s not like there are all that many opportunities to get excited 😀

I’m very thankful for the opportunity and to all those involved – and I will probably keep you posted as the editing process goes on. I’m looking forward to seeing the results but, of course, it will also be a bit awkward to see myself on screen. But hey, it went pretty well for my first video interview, I guess.

That’s it for now!


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