Beginning a new adventure – Epigrammetry’s 2021

As I told you in my post on our 2020 (which you can read here), I will tell you about our 2021 – at least, about the things we can be certain about. Even with all the positive news on vaccines and lower numbers, we aren’t though with CoVid-19… not at all. Actually, the numbers in Austria begin to rise once more, and please, don’t make me talk about Bavaria and Germany. Looks a lot like we will have to stay in our academic homeoffice for some more time.

So, I am sitting here, in my homeoffice (aka half the kitchen table – thank God we bought a big one), surrounded by books and notes and tech equipment, a freshly made cup of coffee next to me and writing this post – or, at least, finishing this post, because the draft existed quite some time.

2021 will be different than 2020 – although, the pandemic will follow us. But there are silver linings and human beings are able to adapt. We will be fine.

We will continue with our blog the way you are used to it. There will be some things on academia, some things on selfcare and feminism, some book reviews, in short: everything you love and read our blog for.

But there will be also a new thing: We decided to empower other women here – therefore, we have planned some guest posts of colleagues and students, working on their BA, MA or Phd thesis, trying to find a good topic for it and survive the sometimes harsh life in academia. It will be a hell of a ride, so stay tuned!
Our first two posts will be by Patricia and Kathrin.

Patricia is an Austrian archaeologist. She loves digging, exploring forgotten areas, taking photos and being outside, preferring not to sit still for too long.

Kathrin is a philologist. She loves old texts, old manuscripts and old languages. If she is currently not absorbed in a book you can find her climbing a mountain, strolling through the forests or baking a cake. Coffee is her magic potion.

You see, they are both very similar to us Epigrammetrists, always on the move, always somewhere buried in history/antiquity. We epigrammetrists are on the edge of a new adventure – this year will be different, but we will also work on some really huge projects and this will lead to a lot of changes, too.

But here are our personal Top Five Projects/Plans for 2021:

Astrid’s Top Five:

  1. Starting my PostDoc-Life. Well, technically, I started it with being called Dr. right after my exam by my supervisors, but I am still feeling strange about it. As a first generation student, I am feeling somehow small and lost now, which is complete nonsense because I have every reason to be proud of myself. It is just a new beginning and it is okay to be unsure about it. So, I guess I will focus on some unfinished papers and articles and then, somehow, I will get used to all this new stuff (like being called Dr.).
  2. Being editor of a book, with one of my colleagues at the Max-Weber-Kolleg at the University of Erfurt. Er organized a conference together – “Protecting Mother or Fertile Women? The polyvalences of Mother Deities” (find the program and informations here and here). Due to CoVid and me writing and finishing my thesis and PhD, we got delayed with our CFP and that all, but now the proposal is up and ready and we are prepared for the next step. I am quite excited and so happy to be part of this.
  3. We are planning an excavation this year for our students at the University of Bamberg, and it will be my first excavation where I will be in charge for everything. Well, I have done all this before, but never ever was everything acutally up to my command. I guess it will be fun. 😉
  4. There are some online-conferences, but I am really happy to be part of a session at the IMC Leeds 2021, talking about language registers of early Arianism. This is one dig into my ancient history-me, and I will have the opportunity to read my beloved texts in ancient greek again!
  5. This will be a year of challenges. Well, challenges – funny ones: First of all, I want to read more. There are about 100 books on that reading pile of mine, so… yeah, I will go for it. And I am in the middle of my #100DaysofDH (read my blogpost on this here) and following that I will dig my #100DaysofCode and finally doing all that stuff with Python that I want to do.


Sarah’s Top Five:

  1. Finish PhD (oh the pressure and dread ;P) No further comments.
  2. Publish conference proceedings of the “Alchemical Laboratories” conference I organized last year (lots of great submissions have already come in <3)
  3. Find job. Also no further comments. Don’t want to think about this anguishing thing.
  4. Enjoy my fellowships at Innsbruck (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin studies) and Philadelphia (Science History Institute) where I’ll get to meet my American alchemy friends again 🙂
  5. Participate in a few online conferences. Such as, for example, RSA where my friends Michael, Sergei and I have organized a panel on secrecy for which we were hoping to meet again in Dublin but no ;( But still, Wolfenbüttel Gang for the win! Another reason for Covid to be over as soon as possible (yeah, I know, first world problem): meet the overseas friends again, even when they’re as far as Melbourne!


So, you see, there is a lot going on and we will spread our wings and fly really high and far. And we will stay safe and be careful, don:t you worry.
What is your 2021 going to look like? What are your plans?

Whatever it is you are going to do – have fun, all the best, stay safe and stay fierce!


Sarah & Astrid

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  1. Mareike König says:

    Hi, just to say good luck with your “top five”! I like your articles and I keep the fingers crossed! For me, a scientific blog is a good place to keep up track for oneself with one’s project the way you do it here. Probably needless to say that I also like your idea to empower other women 🙂
    All the best, Mareike König

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