What a year! #goodbye2020

Welcome to our last blogpost in 2020, the most craziest year we ever experienced and lived!

And survived, I might add. The pandemic controlled our moves this year, as it may seem. It is the main topic everywhere. To all our readers: Thank you for still making time reading us in those times. We are glad and thankful that you stayed with us, that you stayed healthy and we hope that your loved ones are safe and healthy, too. Whatever you do next year – the best wishes to all of you!

But, before we epigrammetrists start our 2021, we will take a look back on 2020.
Maybe some statistics at first: I flipped through our statistics section here on Hypotheses, and I might say, we can be porud of ourselves. Even, if there are a lot of spiders and bots, we still have our stable readers (real persons) and we get a lot of feedback on our social media accounts, too. Just a reminder, you can follow us on Twitter (@epigrammetry) and on Instagram (epigrammetry).

We closed our Facebook-Account for reasons of minor traffic and the simple cause that our communication is based on Twitter, our blog and Instagram. We should mention, too, that the Epigrammetry Twitter is now partly bot-powered and retweets (hopefully relevant) content.

Due to our thesis writing in summer, we decided to blog only twice a month and we continued with that – well, until now, because I finished my PhD and can now help Sarah out with all the drafts and ideas I had not the time to bring in during preparing my final exam and so on.

I am focusing now on my #100DaysofDH (as you can read in my last post) and Sarah is now busy working on finishing her thesis. It was quite a year – also in terms of our academic career.

We decided to tell you our Top-5-Stories of success. Of course, there where also a lot of negative things like cancelled meetings, cancelled conferences, no lunch breaks together, no coffee breaks in our favorite shops, … But we don’t want to think about all the bad and negative and not-so-good things. It was a very hard time for most of us and in various ways.

But: there were also good things!

Sarah’s Top Five:

  1. A six month Digital Humanities fellowship at Leibniz Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz (July-Dec). I guest-authored a blogpost for their blog about 3D and SFM too.
  2. My international alchemy conference “Alchemical Laboratories” which thankfully happened in Vienna in total bliss in February before all the crazy broke loose. The Twitter account is now useful again as a bot retweeting alchemy related stuff.
  3. I did a considerable amount of writing on my thesis (although the nightmare is not over and I just had a dissertation-related lumbago shortly before Christmas… my back’s still feeling weird and I’m scared it’ll happen again 🙁 ).
  4. I had a holiday and managed to escape and re-enter safe havens right before restrictions got stronger. This was desperately needed and I’m happy I did it despite some people being judgemental. It’s not like I went partying, after all.
  5. Some social gatherings, which were – most of times – only borderline legal but they were all the more necessary and remembered fondly. If I’ve learned one thing from the combination of the Covid year 2020 and that year being the dreaded third and last year of my dissertation, then it is just how important your support network is. I have found there to be a scarily direct relation between my well-being at times and the availability of in-person meetings with loved ones and close friends. I also miss my work colleagues. But that’s another matter.

Astrid’s Top Five:

  1. Starting my new job at Bamberg (you can read about this in my Bamberg Chronicles, part I and part II). Oh, well, and I moved there and I try to live a good life there. When I am actually there. Did you ever try to get some social contacts during a pandemic in a new city? 😉 Not that easy, but I have great colleagues and I really like my work there. One of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. Definitely in my Top Five. 🙂
  2. Submitting my PhD thesis – finally! No more words needed.
  3. I got a really great offer for publishing my thesis – I cannot get into details, but some people wanted to read it and I am waiting now for decisions being made. But even if it doesn’t work out, I have no worries at all that I will get a good contract for publishing.
  4. I could finally teach my first courses at a university – and this in the middle of a pandemic with zero ideas on how to do everything online and virtual. But: In the end, I have to say, it was great fun. And a lot of work, but hey 😉 !
  5. Finishing my PhD. And right on time, one day before Christmas, I got the reply that I can now officially call myself Dr. – but: still weird… And I am still tired and dizzy because: I am done now. All the work is done. I can concentrate on new projects. And this is beautiful and frightening at the same time. And I am ready for a new andventure.

So, now you know all the big and important things that happened in our lives the past 12 months. Quite a year, don’t you think? And, guess what: Next year will be even more exciting than this one. And you will hear about our plans in our next blogpost!
Stay safe and healthy, have a wonderful New Year’s eve and all the best for you!

Yours, Sarah & Astrid 🙂

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