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So, I have to apologize for not posting that long – but the last weeks were quite intense for me. Sarah filled in and wrote a lot of content, but it’s my turn now. And I promised it to you on Instagram: There will be a review on my climbing experience at Trier.

I have been to Trier because of an excursion with some of my students and it was a nice trip, filled with interesting ruins and fascinating stories of the Roman times long gone. But, if you are interested in ancient history and archaeology, especially archaeology of the Roman provinces – go to Trier and have fun!

I tried to be there very early, due to CoVid-19 and all that stuff – I was basically alone the first 30 minutes.

But let’s focus on one of Trier’s boulder gyms, called Blocschokolade – chocolate and bouldering, you can count me in! But wait, chocolate and bouldering? Bouldering and cake and pie and sweets? Yes, no mistake here. I have to admit, I just googled the boulder gyms at Trier, but when I came across this website, I knew exactely where to spent my day off (just take a look at the homepage!). So, when you love cake and you love bouldering and climbing, this mixture of boulder gym and cake shop is your adress for the perfect physical exercise combined with a delicious sweet sin.

Setup and service


Due to CoVid-19 rules you have to check in and out – you have to wear a facemask except on the mat and climbing. Showers and changing rooms were blocked the time I was there, but I saw them on my way to the toilet. Everything is clean and I felt at ease immediately. You can register yourself, getting a personal QR-code you can use for checking in and out.

The staff was very friendly and uncomplicated – well, I have to admit, I never, ever, experienced grumpy staff at a Boulder gym… They gave me a very friendly welcome and showed me around. Everything around the Corona-rules was well explained. All my questions concerning the routes and the premises were friendly answered.

There is one main hall, where the café and the cake shop is located, and a little hall next to it (which was somehow really dark), where you can also find a Beginner’s area.

Difficulty levels and climbing experience

I tried the simple and easy Beginner’s climbing routes as well as some of the next higher level and I had a really good time. Some of them were quite hard, but I managed all of them. With some routes I had to change in my technique and my thinking, but with a little bit of try and error, I could finish them.

There are secret level routes – you can try them and think about the difficulty level they have. This was fun, because I really explored some of them and dared myself to be a little bit risky. Sometimes, with the difficulty level stuck in my head (because I know I am not at this current level), I am frightend to try the routes. But the secret level routes are like a playground. After that experience I tried again two or three routes I had problems with before, trying to block out the actual difficulty level – and it worked. I managed them and I finished them.

The cake shop and the price level

I spent about 90 minutes climbing before I met the next challenge – choosing a cake I want to try. (Oh, and, for those of you who love coffee and have some problems with the German way of making really bad coffee – it was quite good. So, decent coffee. :)) I went for a chocolate cake with mango and pink pepper glacing. Yeah, sounds really audacious for cake, but it was …well, I have not even words for it. It was just the perfect end of a climbing session.

If you are going to Trier, I can totally recommend this boulder gym – those of you who love cake should definitely give it a try. The prices are okay – adults pay 9€ for the day ticket, students 7.50€, and if you are there bevore 2pm, you pay 6€. Oh, and I also got the student’s discount for it is not depending of your age… 😉 So, even with my lovley 29+ I got a nice student’s morning climbing experience. In the end I payed about 13€, but I had cake and coffee next to my morning ticket. (If you want a glimpse on the cakes created there… have a look!)

So, this is my review – maybe I could fill some of you with enthusiasm to go there. 🙂

All the best…


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