Epigrammetry goes Summer!

Dear readers and followers, dear fighters of academia and dear friends –

well, first, yes, sorry for two weeks without a post. We are alright – things are just getting pretty chaotic and too much. We are in the middle of a time of important changes in out daily routines and therefore, we decided to go easy with our blog.

It’s summer time and yes, I know, a strange summer it will be because of all the struggle with Covid19, but there is the need of a long holiday. In Austria and Germany we are lucky to have beautiful regions around us. In Austria, the semester is nearly done and gone, in Germany I have to go another three weeks, before I am released for summer break. Next to my first months here in Bamberg, Sarah is preparing for her fellowship at Mainz and we are pretty busy with organizing some talks and some courses.

We will be back every second week from now – we wish you a pleasent summer, stays safe and healthy, try to get some quality time with your loved ones and relax! The last months were some sort of crazy stuff, but we did good so far!

(Bildquelle: pixabay)

We will keep you informed about our lives and our projects, no matter what. We will enjoy our summer and you will hear from us again on Sunday (19/7). For information and sneak peeks for next blogposts follow us on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook!

All the best and have a good summer!

Astrid 😀


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