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In a desperate attempt to become more productive at PhD writing, I created a template for making outlines for academic articles. It is supposed to guide you through the process but also make sure you don’t forget about some important elements.

This originally wasn’t conceived of as a challenge. I just made it for myself and showed it to Astrid. The next morning, it was a challenge 😉 Well, so I thought I’d just roll with it 😉

Another idea behind it was to point you to important bits that you tend to forget such as search-engine optimizing (SEO) your title. My titles are usually pretty obscure and might attract the interest of someone flicking thorough a physical copy of a book. But no one ever would find those papers online, I realized. For my Digital Humanities audience, I seldom include buzzwords in the title which would make it easier to them to locate where my research fits in with the general field. These are some of the thoughts which went into the template and also, a big inspiration were the Thesis Whisperer’s posts on how to write 1000 or 10,000 words a day.

You can find the LaTeX code here on Github in case you want to adapt it to better fit your own needs.

Join the Challenge and try out our Article Outline Template!

We will start experimenting with this template and share our experiences on social media. It would be fun if you’d join in too! Try out the template and share your experiences using #epigrammetry or down below in the comments. If you have any suggestions that would help us a lot to improve the template 😉

Happy outlining,


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